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Easy Fit Dress

No sending in measurements, just pick your size and colors! The Easy Fit dress is designed to not require such a precise fit as a traditional solo dress, featuring stretchy sides and no sleeves. Each dress still has generous seam allowances for alterations. By eliminating the custom pattern drafting process we are able to offer you more dress for less money! Starting at $425. Contact us if you would like this style customized for team dresses!

Orders usually ship within 4-8 weeks of receiving all information, but may take more or less time depending on the time of year. Please contact us if you have any questions on delivery time.

1. Select your size group

2. Select your dress options

After submitting your order please email us within 24 hours with your color preferences following the guide below:

Dress size:

Dress length:

Center front/back base Color:

Stretchy sides base Color:

Embroidery color(s):

Crystal colors:

Embroidery colors - nearly unlimited

Crystal colors - small crystals are available in every color. Large crystals are available in AB, Crystal, Jet, Silver Night, Light Turquoise, Emerald, Golden Shadow, Light Siam, Light Rose, Amethyst


Minimum opening order of 12 skirts includes custom artwork

For all orders of 4+ dresses 10% off list price, must be placed as one order thru the school

Team dresses ordered individually will be original pricing.

Please email us for inquiry.

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